Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bah, humbug!

So, I slept through most of Xmas Day and the days following -- And I am a bit late :) DUH!

Merry Belated Christmas everyone. As any of you that know me at all -- I HATE THIS SEASON with every fiber of my being. I've hated Christmas more each year -- but especially more so since my Father passed. It's just not the same -- Nothing is....As any of you that have lost a parent can agree with I am sure.

But, I have gotten a few emails with some of my Peeps (Hi, Peeps!! Chime in here once in a while, eh?) that were worried about me, thanks for them, but I am as ok as I can be considering the time of year it is. So, you don't have to worry.

On an even suckier front -- DH has still not found a job -- and the COBRA insurance that we had got canceled due to our not paying the premiums -- which is TOTALLY BULLSHIT -- but they still canceled us even though they cashed our checks -- It's not fair what they are allowed to do to you in this Country. I just cannot understand how, especially at CHRISTMAS time -- they can be so heartless and such liars and get away with it, it's like NOTHING you say or do means anything -- they don't want to cover you any more and they lie to make an excuse to drop you.....No wonder I hate the season. This world SUCKS.

So, now -- we have no insurance either. I don't know what we're going to do -- but I am trying to keep my spirits up by thinking everything happens for a reason....Would LOVE to know what the reason is for THIS one.

Sooooo, that is life @ Casa de SockKnitter -- how was YOUR Holiday?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Update -- Guess it's good I wasn't there :)

First, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the all the thoughts and prayers! No one can tell me the power of positive thoughts and prayers do not help when a person asks for them!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!

I am 110% sure that they are why my Grandmother is still able to be at home WITHOUT, yes I said WITHOUT another broken hip -- thankfully!! We were all so sure that was what happened when she fell this time as well -- and that when she got up in the morning they would have to call the ambulance for her -- but being the trooper that she is -- she got herself right out of that bed (well, with help, of course, she IS still recovering from her right hip being broken and she is not a spring chicken!) -- she is bruised and sore -- but thankfully nothing is broken :)

If I was there, that poor woman would have been in the hospital again -- and for nothing too! And she feels the same way that I do about them, she HATES THEM! So, it's good that I am not able to leave the house in this instance I guess -- because if I could I would surely be there with her and giving my Mother a break.

More later about the generosity of Knitters from around the world. I didn't expect this post to get this long, and the post that I want to post deserves it's own space too :)

Happy Holidays to all!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Prayers, good thoughts...ANYTHING....

If you're they praying type, can you please say a few for myself and my family. My Grandmother (who fell and broke her hip 6 weeks ago) had another fall tonight and I am a complete basket case -- she _just_ was released from the hospital three days ago, and now this.

And of course, being the stubborn, proud (stupid) woman that she is -- is refusing to allow my mother to call 911 for her (if I were there -- I would have just done it -- she is 92 years old and I am sure she's in shock, and another fall is NOTHING to fool around with!! She didn't want them to call the paramedics the first time either -- and if they didn't, she would have likely bled to death!) and says she is just fine -- HOWEVER, I am not so sure....So as I am stuck here not even able to go and be with her, I need all the prayers and good thoughts I can get,'s going to be a very, very long night.....and I am pretty sure I won't get much sleep :( if any at all....shit! Just when I thought things were going to start to settle down a bit on that front....

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Paint Ball Office Photo Shoot -- WOW!

Since I have been doing so much knitting lately......NOT -- thought I would share this with you -- AWESOME work, no? This kind of thing is astounding to me! :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

For Kika.....

1521884976_45f73d5c69_o, originally uploaded by damien_p58.

Don't know if you still read here or not -- just in case, thought you would like this :)

Love you,

I want to live here.....

Sunset@mono lake, originally uploaded by damien_p58.

This is entitled Sunset@mono lake.....

And I want to pitch a tent right in the middle of it and live there -- all by my own self -- for ever and ever.........and knit socks.....bliss.

Most of all, I guess I just don't want to me here any more. I want to run far, far away and never look back.....Hope your Thanksgiving was better.

Monday, November 19, 2007

You HAVE GOT to check tihs out! I promise it's good!

This is SOOOOO funny! Poor girl, I feel sorry for her because I can see myself doing it!! In fact, I didn't even know what the error WAS until her co-host brought it up...DUH!

Funny Video here :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Seriously Rockin' Podcast - no lines, no waiting!

CRL is now LIVE!!! Check it out now, before word gets out how great it is and you have to wait in a queue to hear it ;) HURRY!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vicki Howell's New Podcast TOMORROW!!

It's almost time!!!!!!!

Starting November 1st :) Check it out, I am sure it will ROCK!!

Swatch of Self Striping Rainbow Yarn

Self Striping Rainbow Superwash Wool & Nylon Sock Yarn

MINE, all mine ;)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Did you see him?

Did you see him?, originally uploaded by Teodoratan.

I don't know about you, but I just LOVE art -- all kinds.

This chica has some AWESOME talent -- check him out!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Crazy - Sexy - Cancer

Strange name for a film about cancer, isn't it? I thought so too -- and than I watched it!


I cannot tell you how great this movie was, or what a GREAT person Kris is Carr is. If you see it airing in your area -- WATCH it. Even if you aren't sick -- it's extremely inspiring! You will laugh, cry, giggle, scream....but most of all I think you will be inspired too!

Here is a link to her website in case you'd like to read more Kris Carr -- MY HERO!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

My custom Dyed yarn!

I just came across my custom dyed yarn today -- and I am in love all over again!

This stuff is soooooo squishy soft and lovely -- when it arrived, I could not believe there was such a thing as a wool yarn (it's merino) that was so soft....what did I know, I was new!

The only wool I knew was that scratchy stuff that old sweaters were make out of that you HAD to wear something under or spend the whole day in misery with itchy skin. I still have not decided what to do with this, but one day I will come up with the perfect project for the yarn that was custom made just for moi by Irish Baby Knits. Thanks again, girls! I still love it to death!

Friday, September 21, 2007

And in knitting news.....Cat Borhdi's: New Pathways for Sock Knitters and the Stitch Markers

Yeah, I know -- it's about time, right? This _IS_ supposed to be a knitting blog after all -- but my rotor cuff is still really messed up and I have been too scared to mess it up more by doing any knitting. BUT -- I think I'm over that and ready to get my knit on again before I have no hair left at all.

So, in the spirit of preparing myself for "THE" day, of course I had to treat myself to a small little gift. Since Cat Bordhi's book is on my wish list (and we all know how addicted I am to the almighty sock!) -- I decided to find the stitch markers before they were all sold out! And find them I did! Check these out, my friends!!

I know my photography skills have not improved -- and these really are nicer in person, but aren't they cute? If you click the picture, you will see a larger view and really get up close and personal with the cute little devils :) I am SO happy with them.

If you'd like a set of your own, (I special ordered mine because I liked the beads she used on another set of beads she offered, from Canada -- and they were here in LESS than a week -- but she is now offering them in her etsy store!!!) I cannot recommend Tricia highly enough.

Her prices are awesomely fair, and she's super sweet and quick as lightning! Her etsy shop is called Knit Jewelry if you'd like to have your own set -- check her out!

From what Ms. Cat seems to think -- in the very near future, she sees ALL patterns being written using either lettered or numbered stitch markers, and I can see where she's coming from! If you think about it, it makes a WHOLE lot of sense. Rather than just telling you to knit to a marker -- you can be instructed to knit to marker A and do "blah. blah. blah" then to marker "B" and SSK....I think that the Genius AKA Cat Bordhi is on to something.....again! She is someone that I would SO love to meet!! I've seen her on Knitty Gritty and she's fascinating to me -- she knits with circs behind her back (and I wouldn't be surprised if she could do it standing on her head too -- she's extremely passionate about knitting!) Ah, well. Unless she comes to my house, chances of that happening are NIL. :(

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I can't believe it's over....Evel DICK WINS

For the past three months -- Showtime has been a very big part of my life for three hours each and every night!

Big Brother 8 has been on Showtime 2 and for those of you that don't know -- last night it ended, I knew I was going to miss it -- BUT -- it's only the first night and it's BAD! The addiction was DEEP.

I could not be happier with the outcome -- I was THRILLED that D&D smoked all the others -- and that they seemed to be on the right track to healing their relationship. Coming from someone that has lost their own father -- I would give every single I own to have one more day with him, so for Dani to not want to give her Father the time of day breaks my heart....So, I think the last week in the house may have cemented what the past three months have started.

(And just so that I don't get any more freaking out phone calls from any one -- No, I don't agree 100% with ED's way of playing the game (he's a WHOLE lot like my own father was, actually! And I didn't exactly love it when I was on the receiving end of the yell-fests AT ALL) but with ED it was strategy and he NEVER directed it at Dani....THAT is one thing that you have to give him. Never ONCE did he yell or even raise his voice at her....and there were a couple of times where she really needed to hear it too, IMHO (sorry, but it's true!) So, I just mean that I totally respect his game, and I have a feeling that although what Daniele says is true, I don't think that the everyday ED is quite as in-your-face as the BB ED was. Got it? Good.)

Oh, and ED should you ever happen to drop by here -- CONGRATULATIONS!! Have a BLAST on your trip!! And Dani, I hope that you and Nick have a great time together! I almost didn't recognize him, no facial hair -- it was SHOCKING!! (he's still a huge hunk though -- you've got awesome taste girl!) One quick thing, if I may. Please watch out for that one that cries all the time, OK? ::shiver:: And as long as I am on a roll here -- Vincent is adorable too, guess it must be something in the genes!

Now, on to your Mother ED -- I don't think that she could have been any more proud! She was BEAMING when Julie asked her about your and Dani's reconciliation she lit up like she had just won the 500 grand. She's a doll! I hope Jameka had the good sense to apologize to her. What she said was just awful!

Ok, this has taken up a few minutes, what am I going to do for the rest of the three hours? I MISS BIG BROTHER 8 ALREADY!!!!!!

I think I will go cry for a while.......just kidding -- I am not that bad...but it's close -- As Daniele would say, I need to get a life. Right Dani?

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Since I firmly believe free is better than cheap....

A phrase a person that is still very dear to me taught me many moons ago -- that I still believe today :) AND, there is no knitting going in here at this time -- I bring you the following free offer:

Folgers Gourmet Selections. Get A Free Sample

Thanks, Folgers!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Nine Eleven....

As I searched for something appropriate to post here, the tears fell more and more with each page I browsed.

While I really didn't want to post something this heavy here -- the song that is accompanying this piece convinced me that it was just what I needed to do......

God Bless all those that lost their lives -- and those they left behind. I, for one, will ever be the same....

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sweater Finishing for Hand and Machine Knitters

I know this is a long shot -- but is there anyone out there that has this video that would be willing to lend it to me for viewing for a couple of weeks? (I can't freeking believe one just sold on eBay for TEN FREEKING DOLLARS! I could have bought it for that but $50 is something I just can't swing ATM) Or that is beyond what it can teach them and is willing to trade -- I have some sock yarn that I would be willing to part with if you're an Opal fan :)

I am in need of help with my sweater skills -- but I SO cannot afford to spend another penny on ANYTHING that isn't "the" thing for me. I have so many videos and books and you name it that I would love to be able to check this out before fork over money we don't have now (the job axing happened @ dh's job and trying to make ends meet on unemployment in such a freeking JOKE, if I weren't so busy crying it may actually be funny.

Can anyone help this depressed knitter (well, studying her butt off now 'cause she can't knit at the current time knitter) out in this pinch?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Trade Items for Marina

Here you go ;) Thought this would be better than sending them in the email! If you click on the pics, it will open them up and make them look even crappier er, bigger....Sorry -- we're all gone, except for the Sea Silk and Rare Gems which are going to stay! Thanks, everyone!

1- STR -- Mustang Sally -- this color leans _much_ more towards the red side than it looks like it does on their website IMHO. I think it looks more of a pinkish-mauve on the site.....

2- STR (Special Colorway (Rare Gem) that I don't think will ever be repeated -- it was a special color for the STR Club Members as Christmas Gift. I am not completely sure I want to part with it -- but if you really must have it we can talk :) ok?)

3- Handpainted Opal Sommernachtstraum Partie 4

4- Cherry Tree Hill Merino

5- Fleece Artists Merino

6- Don't know if you're interested in this or not but this & 7 are the special 150g skeins of Sea Silk from Fleece Artists had available for a while last fall

7 - Sea Silk in Special 150g Skeins

8- Lana Grossa Cotton Maya 7012 Cotton Maya 4ply 100g 45 Cotton 42 Virgin Wool and 13 Polyamid

9- Regia Surprise 100g

10- Same Brand as 9 Different Color (duh! )

11- Opal 100g

12- Opal Cotton 100g 48 cotton 39 wool 13 polyamid

13- Lana Grossa Cotton 45 cotton 42 wool 13 polyamid

14- Trekking XXL (Pink one)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fell off the face of the earth for a while!

It's been a bad month or so -- but I bet I didn't even have to tell you that did I?

I am still hanging in there -- I think! Barely! I still am not able to knit because of the shoulder injury -- but I am going to start again this week I have just decided :) I REALLY miss the wool, plus the stress relief that I got from the knitting, plus I have all this lovely yarn just calling my name that I have to do something with!

On other fronts, the DH did lose his job, we now have no health insurance and no job available AT ALL AND no way to pay for my EXTREMELY expensive prescription drugs either (unemployment is such a JOKE!), so I am trying to find out if there is a way to get the drug companies to provide them...but so far I can't find any programs for the drugs I need them for. And it's no wonder -- they are SOOOOO freeking expensive! If anyone knows of a place to check for any drug assistance, please feel free to send a message -- or leave a comment and I will be forever in your debt!!

That's it for now. Hopefully I won't be gone for another month!

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Here is one thing we can do -- can anyone that reads this message PLEASE go to this website and BEG (for me, please if not for your self) that they keep the crafting type shows ON DIY and HGTV -- Pretty Please? I'll be your best friend , ok, couldn't resist that last part, I can't remember wanting something this badly that I was not able to get for myself since I was a kid -- and that is what I can remember saying :) Here's the link:,2019,DIY_14146_14234,00.html

And I thank you from the bottom of my heart! *********

It doesn't happen very often these days -- I just don't have the energy to devote to being this angry any more, but I am PISSED!

Here I am, minding my own business, and for the first time in literally a week I am feeliing strong enough to sit up and read for a bit and what do I find but this lovely entry in Vicki Howell's (oh, how I ♥ that woman!!) Blog -- wait until you see -- You're gonna be pissed too! Hope Vicki doesn't mind my borrowing this -- it's easier than trying to word it myself:

Unfortunately, the voice of Knitty Gritty's mostly female viewership (or any of the other DIY craft shows, for that matter) has not rang through as clear when it comes to ratings. Nielsen has shown that the network's audience is overwhelmingly male's who watch Fix-it shows. That said, although KG is still strong for them in the genre they've found that re-runs do just as well for them as new shows so we won't be going into production this year. It will still be on 5 days a week but at least for 2007, the majority of the shows will be re-runs.

I'm very curious about how Nielsen box recipients are chosen and how accurate ratings are in this technological age when people are DVRing or often, watching at least parts of shows on the internet. Do men monopolize TV ratings power, or do women have as much ad revenue influence there as we do on-line? I suppose, there's only one way to find out. If you're a woman with a Nielsen box in the house and you enjoy Knitty Gritty, Craft Lab, Uncommon Threads, etc., then you can help ensure new episodes of the shows for 2008! Tune in and tune in often. Thank ya, kindly.

Now, what kind of A$$HATS are there at DIY Network anyway? Do they REALLY think they are making us happy with reruns? The only reason I watch them is because there isn't anything else on at that time -- however, if there were -- I wouldn't! AND, I am seriously thinking about a Boycott. I mean, WTF? We do NOT deserve to be treated like this!! How can they say things like just give them reruns, they're stupid and will watch them and be just as happy with them anyway. I am HIGHLY PO'd about that I tell you right now.....

Does ANYONE know how to go about doing something about this? Where can one write to try to persuade the "powers that be" to GIVE US NEW SHOWS??? PLEASE help if you know how I can do something about this!

Here is one thing we can do -- can anyone that reads this message PLEASE go to this website and BEG for me that they keep the crafting type shows ON DIY and HGTV -- Pretty Please? I'll be your best friend , ok, couldn't resist that last part, I can't remember wanting something this badly that I was not able to get for myself since I was a kid -- and that is what I can remember saying :) Here's the link:,2019,DIY_14146_14234,00.html

And I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

@)#(@ _@)# ( @_( #$)# @)(@# $)@# @(#) $ !@)( @#@ ($*$ @)!_)

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Yarn Snob has a new store!!!

And she didn't even tell me!!! But isn't her button lovely??

You can find her new Etsy Store here, just in case you'd like to visit. Her yarns are really lovely, you should check it out just to drool!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Awesome Animation -- Took THREE months to complete!

No, it's not mine, but I LOVE it and wanted to share! Please click on the stick figure to begin -- Hope you enjoy and thanks so much to Lee for sharing :) (what a beeotch I am for not mentioning that sooner -- Lee, if you caught that I am sorry....I am just not myself these days)

Animator vs. Animation by *alanbecker on deviantART

Monday, June 18, 2007

I love it when companies do this!

In a day when so many try to rip you off every chance they get -- it's refreshing when there are people that do things that surprise the heck out of you!

I was recently caught off guard by Chappy's Fiber Arts and Crafts and not only their great prices -- but their fantastic shipping costs as well!

NO ONE has ever been more fair when it comes to shipping costs as this company has been, and they shipped the second my payment hit their account too :) I could not be more pleased!

Check them out if you need knitting (or needlepoint) supplies!

Thanks, Chappy!! I will be back :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

New DeStash Site....

I was sad to hear the old site was closing down. Thanks so much to the old list Mom's for running a GREAT site for all of us addicts! That was one of my most favorite places to visit each day.

I was extremely happy to hear that there will be a :) YEAH!!!! In fact, there may be more than one, but this is the one that I have found thus far! And I just LOVE the button they've made for it too!!

You can find the new site by clicking here and here is the button!

Friday, June 15, 2007

And the Daytime Emmy goes to.......

TWO, count them, TWO of my favorites!!!!!

The Young and the Restless




Hallmark Singing Card = Six Flags Dancer?

I know it's been forever since I've updated, but I have no knitting news :( I am still trying to heal this shoulder. Sadly, it's looking like I may have to have surgery to do that -- but I am still hoping!

ANYWAY -- has anyone seen the new Hallmark commercial for the singing cards? Does anyone but ME think he's the same person that played that old man that did that awesome dance in the Six Flags commercials a couple of years ago? My brother thinks I've gone completely off the deep end....perhaps he's right?

I have gotten myself a few larger crochet hooks and I am going to try my hand at a crochet project this weekend. If you are in need of a GORGEOUS project, please check out the Yarn Over Lounge, not only is the owner a very talented designer -- she's one of the nicest people I've had the chance to meet since I started this fiber addiction. (Hi Lee!!) Hopefully, I still remember crochet well enough to follow the pattern and it's easier on my shoulder -- I would love to have some fibery goodness in my life again ;)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yup -- that sure did suck!

But I am home now, THANK GOODNESS!

Those of you that I owe things to, I will be contacting you tomorrow, when I am (hopefully) bit less stressed/tried and I can handle the ummm 2603 emails I have gotten ::YIKES!:: since I've been gone -- of course some of them are Spam, but a good portion of them are actually GOOD! Can you imagine? OY! No wonder I feel like I do nothing but read/sort email sometimes :) Didn't get home until late and wasn't even sure I was going to get here even TODAY or not, it wasn't looking good for a while there, until the water works started and they decided to spring me tonight and not make me wait 'till morning. Bastards. That's a whole 'nuther story that I don't even want to get in to though TYVM!

I have MISSED you all!!! Sorry to have kept those of you waiting for things waiting so long, but it could not be helped :( I will jump on things tomorrow and thank you for being so patient ;)

Love and hugs all around!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New (for me) Music!

Laura Jansen, you can visit her myspace site here but unfortunately the song that I fell in love with isn't currently on that site. :( This song is entitled "Perfect".

I am not sure what happened to the song from the site that I had linked above that had an audio clip, but if I ever find it again I will link it.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

WHAT!? I've been TAGGED!?

Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag 7 others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog. I’ve been tagged by: Yarn Snob aka my buddy from across the pond :)

1- I normally hate these types of things and usually won't participate in them for love nor money. (You're lucky I love you like my cashmere, E!! (besides, since I have not been posting anything of interest lately, I feel I owe you since I have not been emailing either -- sorry sweetie!!) BUT, I am finding this quite fun :) That should tell you how bored I am ::gg::

2- My favorite thing to knit is socks, and I always have at least three pair on the needles!

3- My favorite yarn is OPAL -- BUT, that is just for patterns. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it if they offered us more of a choice when it came to fibers. (hear that Tutto?? Like anyone from Germany would ever read MY blog -- but you never know, I've had celebs here before, so you never know!!)

4- I hate liars. There is almost nothing worse you can do to me than lie to me. I would rather hear the truth about anything from the person's mouth -- then have to hear "through the grapevine" or have them slip at a later date (which seems always happens with the people in my life anyway). It is especially annoying when the lie is about something so stupidly insignificant that telling the truth would make no difference to me anyway.

5- I, like a few others I have read about, LOVE ice cream! But, it has to be plain -- with no "hard bits" in it. I don't like anything mucking up the texture of the ice cream I am eating.

6- I am no longer able to eat my other favorite food. Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups since being diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago.

7- I am an animal lover and would have a whole house full of them if the hubster would allow it. As it is, we have three parrots and a dog.

8- Since everyone I know well enough to send this to has already been tagged, I can't pass this along for fear of others coming after me and trying to jab me in the eyes with their knitting needles....sorry! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Eye Candy Tuesday

Yes, I know I am either late or early for the typical Eye Candy Friday -- but since when have I ever been typical?

Here is a shot of one of the apple trees in the back yard....the blossoms are completely gone already -- glad I snapped this while they lasted!

Long time, no post....

Since I am still not knitting, I have not had much to write lately. I have been surfing a bit, and I did make the egg above this evening @ dumpr though! What a kewl site that is -- check it out! That is a photo of some yarn that is currently about to be thrown in the garbage because it's so freeking tangled I don't know what else to do with it! It's GORGEOUS and soft and squishy and I am sick about it, but I may give it another go or two before I just toss the whole lot of it in the trash, it's making me more crazy than I already am! I hope it doesn't come to that though -- it will make a kick arse pair of socks if I can get it skeined!

I will hopefully get out of this funk soon (the arm IS feeling a little better and I am really itching to get back to knitting -- but now I'm scared since I think it was like caused by knitting to begin with, and that is going to just kill me if I have to stop forever)......we'll see. Maybe a change in position once I work up the nerve to "do it" again will help?

Only time will tell I suppose?


Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tragedy in NYC

I am normally not one to watch the news -- I cannot handle it. But today I didn't get to the remote in time and I caught the first story they had on the 11 o'clock news on ABC.

It was about this poor woman that tragically ran over her infant son after he slipped out of her arms this afternoon while she was trying to get the vehicle in park.

What makes this story all the more sad and heartbreaking is that the woman's husband (and the father of the baby) was killed in Iraq in February in a vehicle too.

Can everyone that reads this please take a moment to think about this poor woman today and if you're the type to pray -- please add her to your prayers. I don't know how much it will help, but it certainly won't hurt!

The tears are streaming down my face as I type this entry -- I can't even imagine what she is going through...

Good Yarn Karma!

Psssst....Have you heard about this site GOOD YARN KARMA?

What is it, you ask? Well, I will tell you :) It's a BRILLIANT idea for getting a good home for your unloved yarns, thats what it is...But not only yarn. They will take books, magazines, needles, stitch markers, I think pretty much whatever!

If you have anything that you would like to give away or even trade, why not check them out! I know I will be posting some things once I get to cleaning some of the yarn room up. Or should I say IF...that is probably more like it at this point, if I am speaking realistically.

No news on the knitting front. I spent all my time today doing a few swatches and vacuuming (that was a HUGE mistake...that H U R T like a!) I should have left that for the DH to do this weekend, but I just couldn't stand it another minute.

Now, I am even in more pain than I have been for the past month or so. I give up. We're losing our insurance very soon and I have this. Hrumph! It's times like this when I sure wish we'd win the lottery! I know money doesn't buy happiness -- but I don't need it to! I WOULD be happy if I didn't have to worry about paying for medication and doctor bills (and the mortgage, and heat and food and electricity, and, and, and....)

I have been trying really hard to stay positive, but it's sure not easy.

Does anyone know of an Customer Service job available for online support? If you do, please email me knittingaddict @ and I will be forever in your debt.

Ok, time to try to do a bit of work on the shawl before trying to get a bit a sleep. Night all!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Good Knitting Mojo Needed -- PLEASE!!

Ok, I am going completely CRAZY with this no knitting crap -- and I have decided that I HAVE to get back in to it like NOW before the men in the white coats come and lock me up. Seriously! It is THAT bad....

But, instead of working on socks, I thought that perhaps it would be better if I worked with larger needles for a bit and cast on for a lovely lace shawl because I am so jealous of all the lovely shawls that my friend The Yarn Snob has been turning out on a freekin' daily basis (ok, so it's not every day, just seems like it from this side of the pond :gg: sorry, E!!). Have a peek and be prepared to drool, she's truly amazing!!

Only problem is, I can't read charts to save my life. BUT, I found a beautiful shawl that includes written directions as well as a chart (the designer, I ♥ HER to teensy pieces!!!!) has a FANTASTIC tutorial on her site for those of us that cannot read charts that has ME, yes folks, ME...the person that has always believed she would never, ever be able to knit from a chart in this lifetime that she may just be able to do it! Can you believe that one -- she is THAT good!

The Shawl is called the Forest Canopy Shawl. I am using the yarn recommended in the pattern, Mountain Colors Weavers Quarters -- and I ordered the color that this the original was done in (Sierra) BUT, what I got is U G L Y with a capital U so it's a good thing I got another color too!

I got the Meadow colorway also and it's gorgeous -- it at least looks like it's supposed to ( I don't know what's up with the Sierra I got, but it doesn't look like it should! (Please see below for sample) so I am all set! I just hope it doesn't make the pain worse, or that I don't do more damage to my shoulder/arm by doing this.

I figure using the larger needles will be a change and I will use circs so there won't be any pressure on the wrists or arms at all...I just have got to do something before I go completely out of what is left of my mind. I have been so depressed all I have been doing is sleeping -- and this is my favorite time of year -- so it's very out of character for me to be doing this now...I have got to snap out of it!

So, if any of you have any extra mojo hanging around, I would be most happy to accept it and put it to great use on my first lace project!!

I am as excited as I was when I first decided that I was going to learn to knit and started my first sock!! (yes, socks were my first real project! Thanks to Silver and her wonderful tutorial, I had no idea socks weren't something that new knitters were supposed to be able to do!! You should have seen the tongues wag around here when I showed my Mom's friends what my first FO was! They didn't believe I did it. Some of them have been knitting for 50 or 60 years and they still have not done socks, and here I am knitting for about a month and have socks done already, thanks to Silver! She is AWESOME too!

Anyone that wants to learn to knit socks that needs help, I cannot recommend that site enough. It is written for someone that has never knit before, so it's quite detailed and may be repetitive for someone that has been knitting for a while -- but it's so easy to follow you'll be addicted knitting socks in no time!

Monday, April 30, 2007

This makes things all better :)

This is the photo of the day from The Daily Puppy -- something I found while surfing this evening. Now tell me, how can you have a bad day when looking at THAT face??

This is a site that I am sure I will be visiting often, for sure!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Faythe Levine's Documentary "Handmade Nation"

(click on her name to view her blog -- I have not had a chance to look yet -- but the design is AWESOME!).....

She promises to try to keep us updated with snippets here and there to keep us interested -- because I guess (Have not seen the whole clip yet) it's going to be a WHOLE YEAR before it's released!

Thanks to Kate @Knit Lit for the heads up about this!!! I had no clue! Kate is also the creative genius behind the Fake-a-gamo bag that everyone loves so much, including moi! :) Another project on the MUST KNIT list!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Scout's Swag

Scout's Swag, originally uploaded by scouts_swag.

I have been doing some surfin' today -- and just LOOK at this love-r-ly stuff I have found!!!!

OH MY! I love each of them, one more than the other! I think I must have them all!

Just in case you need them too -- you can possibly get them from the AMAZINGLY talented Scout, although, now that she's made her Knitty Gritty debut, she may have even a longer waiting period than she used to ;)

Scouts Swag (the store) is here. Her blog can be found here (I've marked the KG episode, fell free to roam around though -- she's hysterical!) Isn't she the cutest, too!?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

I'm the yarn -- need I say more?

Some Days, originally uploaded by panopticon.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Still trying to be good...

But it's getting harder and harder, since not doing all these things doesn't seem to be helping the pain AT ALL! I have been so good too! I have not knit one stitch, and I have been trying my best not to type much too -- and have not been using my injured arm for browsing AT's' amazing how uncoordinated I am with my right hand on the mouse ::GGG:: it's like I am brand new to computers!

It's pretty funny :) When we first got in to computers, we didn't know there were such things as extensions for mouse cords, and where we had our computer set up, we didn't have a place to put the mouse so that we could easily use the mouse with our right hands without standing on our heads with one hand behind our backs ::gg:: -- so we both got used to using our left hands on the mouse -- it really didn't matter though -- we were both so spastic with it that there was no difference which hand we were using, we REALLY needed to practice, practice, practice -- but once we moved out of the apartment and in to our house, and got the computer room set up -- we said, great! We can now use the mouse with our right hand like we're supposed to -- HA!

Wrong! Despite many, many months of trying -- neither of us ever did get comfortable with using the mouse with our right hands -- which is even more strange for DH than for myself, considering I do write with my left hand (that is the only thing I do left handed though -- the nuns and their rulers to the knuckles trick could not break me of writing with the left hand no matter how hard they tried -- they broke me of everything else -- but I could never write with my right hand no matter how bloody they got -- what the HELL was wrong with my parents letting them do that to me anyway??!!) but we are still south paw mousers :)

Wow, how the heck did that get so long? I just came to give a short update and I can't believe how much I just wrote :) Anyway -- I wanted to show you all this adorable bunny that Yvonne has available for free!! She's amazing!! I am so going to get this when I can knit again -- and the puppy from the last post too -- all of her things are just so cute -- and supposed to be very easy to follow patterns too, which is a total plus for me, since I have a serious problem following patterns. If I can't memorize it, I have problems!

Here is Honey Bunny's portrait isn't she just the cutest? I wish I had a baby niece or nephew to knit for! The kids (my own niece and nephew) have grown up so quickly -- they are already 12 and 16!!! Gosh, it was just yesterday they are BORN :( Time sure does fly....Anyway, please check out Yvonne's patterns! I LOVE being able to shop from these talented people @ Etsy! And when they are as nice as Yvonne is (I have spoken with her a couple of times, and she even offered to give me support with the FREE pattern if I needed it! Now, I ask you where do you find people like this??) She's AWESOME and I think she deserves the business!

I got a couple of beautiful things in the mail lately -- if I can snap a decent picture -- I will post them later this evening if my brother brings back the camera while the sun is still out!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I think we have another one....

Bwwwhhhaaahhhaaaahhaaa! I think we've captured yet another sock addict folks! I do believe I see a bit of a sock addict blooming in my friend KB, for instance, he says "i'm a little excited over finishing them (he's referring to his socks that are pretty freeking awesome!!!), can you tell? ;-) there is really something about completing a pair of socks... this is my first whole pair i think since i was assassinated in sock wars. i dig it." AND I was not even twisting his arm or anything! This was said totally on his own!! I do believe he's joined me (us) in our addiction to the sock!! YEA KB!! Welcome to the addiction! Now watch as your stash grows to include proportions of sock yarn that you won't ever be able to knit in two lifetimes -- and it will happen even before you know what hit you too!


Is this not the most adorable face you've ever seen??? I believe that people that love animals are special people anyway -- BUT, this dog is deaf as well. KB is an extra, special, special kinda guy! I ♥ you, KB! And your devotion to your animals!! (ok, and the fact that you've come over to the sock side, too !)

And speaking of adorable puppies -- please have a peek at this one on Etsy by Yvonneknits that you can knit for yourself if you want to! Someone on KH ia making one and she said the pattern is brilliantly written too, another plus! I am going to get myself one and give it a go just as soon as I can knit again!

Adorable too, no?

And in your honor KB, KA out!


Friday, April 13, 2007

Franklin's Christening Shawl.....

This gorgeous WIP, originally uploaded by Panopticon.

Gasp with me, if you will, at this lovely work from my friend Franklin!

He's one of the funniest, most talented bloggers I've had the pleasure of encountering since entering in to the blogging world (truth be told, I was reading his blog LONG before I even thought to start mine!!) and it was his blogging talents that actually kept me from blogging from so long!

I never knew that "normal" (meaning people without the talents he has for entertaining us) were allowed to blog! It wasn't until I followed some of the links off the links off the links that I realized that not EVERYONE is a blogging super-talent and people that are average CAN do it too.

Anyway -- isn't this GORGEOUS! I must do a lacy project! Perhaps not with such a fine yarn to begin with -- but I have to give it a go!!

I sure hope we get to see the niecephew (I think that is what he calls the yet unborn baby he's knitting for -- obviously, it's his sisters child, cute, eh??) I :heart: it Franklin!

Gosh, it's only been a couple of days and I miss knitting so much already I don't know how I am going to survive this!!! I am also not supposed to be on the computer -- but I can't give up everything....and I have been using the mouse with my other hand and NOT typing AT ALL except for this short post at all today -- so I have been good. I do want it to heal ASAP -- but I can't see my not knitting for much longer....wahhhhhhhhhh (in my best I Love Lucy whine!) ::gg::

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Orders from Da Man.....

And Da Man in this case would be my Doctor :(

And I am NOT happy. NO KNITTING. For I don't even know how long. I should not be using the computer or lying on my left side either -- now, what the heck am I supposed to do? I can't use the computer, knit OR sleep! OY!

I have somehow managed to tear my musculotendinous (rotator) cuff and get tendinitis in my shoulder (I think....I stopped listening when he said I couldn't knit), although it's more my arm that is giving me a problem.

How, you ask? Couldn't tell ya....I don't have a clue?! All I can tell you is that it HURTS like a and I am so disgusted with LIFE that I want to spit AND despite the fact that I am already quite medicated due to other problems that I have been suffering with for many years -- I cannot for the life of me understand how I can be in this much pain. I am nauseous from the pain it hurts so much...I am not a happy camper....but now at least I know why I have been having such a hard time knitting -- it's not all in my head!

I really do want this to heal as soon as possible -- but I really don't know how long I will be able to comply with his orders. I don't know what the heck I am going to do all day without my two best does one live with both the computer AND knitting being taken away from them at the same time?? And I also sleep ONLY on my left side, which I have been ordered not to do any more; or at least until this heals -- so I can't even sleep! I am going to be quite a $itch by the time this is over!!

TTFN....I think I am going to see if I can rig up a sling to support this arm so I can see if I can knit without putting pressure on the tendons, if I have to go for months without any pleasure -- I might as well just shoot myself now! I will report back if I can come up with something, but DON'T tell anyone, ok?? SHHHHHH, it's a HUGE secret!! ::gg::

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ok, so I have not been able to knit.....

Why I love the Valley Oak ..., originally uploaded by Laura Bell.

But at least I have not been bored! Look what I found!!

Isn't it gorgeous!? There really are some amazingly talented folks on Flickr!!

I sure hope I can pick up some tricks. My photos sure are even more pitiful after poking around here all day today....Osmosis maybe? I need to find a friend like Silver (hey, Sil!!) that can send me some good mojo for photography like she did when I began knitting....never thought I would be able to knit either -- and now I there may be hope for my photos as well ;)

We shall see!!

If you get a chance, please have a peek at Laura's photostream! She's got some pretty awesome stuff in there. And I am not sure if when you're blogged about from Flickr you get a notice -- but if so, I hope you don't mind my doing this with your photo, Laura! I really love your work :) And if you have any tips you'd like to share with me for taking a good photo, I am all ears! One thing though -- I cannot take outside photos -- they will all have to be indoors, or in my please keep that in mind. Thanks :)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Hoppy!

Just a quick post to wish one and all a very Happy Easter!

I know I didn't do as I was supposed to and catch up with emails yet -- but hopefully after dinner later today I will have some spare time to do that.

Hope you all have a great day, and PLEASE have some chocolate for me :( Oh, I so miss REAL chocolate! But I guess I can get myself some yarn to console myself :gg: Yeah, that's the excuse I can use THIS time!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Da faster I go...

The behinder I git!

Wow, I don't know what would happen if I worked outside the home! I don't have enough time in my days to get done the things I want to now -- I don't know what would happen if I had to leave here each day.

I have about a million people that I owe emails to. I promise I will work on that this week. I am sorry, guys! It's been one of those weeks again and I just can't seem to catch up.

I have been working feverishly on my Opal socks, and I am very close to FINALLY finishing the first one. The second will go much quicker I think since I will not be working on anything else until they are complete. I need a pair of socks for heavens sake. I still cannot believe that neither I nor the DH have even ONE SINGLE pair of hand knit socks in our possession. With all the socks I have knit, I didn't keep one, single pair for us....His are next. I do think it's time for US for a change. I am all for being generous -- but we can be generous with ourselves too. And I am DYING to see what everyone raves about with these socks.

So, if I am very quiet for the next few days, it's because I am knitting my fingers to the bone on socks for hubbers and I.

Oh, and don't forget, tomorrow at 10:30 EST Tori & Dean Inn Love on OH! Brand new episode!! Can't wait!!! They are moving to Fallbrook in this episode -- BUT, I have already SEEN the completed Inn and OMG, are you in for a treat once you see it completed! They did an AWESOME job! I especially like the Master Suite and the Blue Room but the entire Inn is GORGEOUS.

I believe they have succeeded in doing what they set out to do! I sure wish I had a trip to California in my future! Anyone in the area that wants to make a reservation , it's in Fallbrook, CA and it's called Chataeu La Rue. (it's the old Oak Creek Manor) -- I am sure you will love it there. Especially if Tori and Dean are actually there when you stay. They really do seem to be like the perfect people to host a B&B, AND to party with too!

And please see if they will allow you to take pictures of the kitchen for me if you go! That is the only room I have not seen, and being a chef, I am dying to get peek at it!! I am sure I will be green with envy!

Ohhhhh, a re-run of the last show is on right now! Gotta run!!

OMG -- You got my trunk, you got my trunk!
Tori, you're a TRIP!!!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm so excited -- I could just SHE-IT!

Ok So, I am sure you know by now what a fan I am of sock knitting -- but you may not know of the Love I have for Cookie A. -- the fantastic knitwear designer that is the genius behind such gorgeous lace sock patterns as Baudelaire, Hedera and Pomatomus.

(the picture to the right contains my favorite sock shot ever. I fell in love with the picture before I even looked closely at the pattern for the first time - if you click on it, it will open up and you can see it in all its glory!!! I happen to love the sock too although I have been too skeered to tackled the pattern.....yet, it is on my list though. Along with everything else I can find that Cookie has designed -- I have not found ONE dud.)

Anyway, to get to the point, she's at it again, and this time with even BETTER designs. And I thought that I had missed out by not being able to attend Stitches, BUT, my dear knitting friends, fear not! Cookie has not let us down! She has started her own store!!! YEAH Cookie! And a HUGE thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

You can see her new designs on her brand new website Cookie A Knitwear Designs and please don't miss the Millicent Sock Pattern as pictured below -- please click to enlarge -- look at that sexy foot on that sock! OMG! I MUST try this one. Please send me all the knitting mojo you can spare. I am going to need it!!

Congrats on the new site, Cookie, and thank you so much again for making these available to those of us that could not make it to Stitches to meet you in person (DAMN!)...maybe some day!?


Tori and Dean Inn Love!

Ok, so I admit it. I have never been a fan of Tori Spelling. I guess I didn't have a reason, just thought of her as a spoiled, rich brat born with a silver spoon in her mouth and I don't have much use for those types.

HOWEVER. There is NOTHING on TV today and I happened to be flipping through the channels and came upon this show. I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised -- she is SOOOOOO NOT what I thought she was. She is either a FANTASTIC actress, or she's actually a truly nice person. Either way, I was WAY wrong!

There is also something I have to admit -- her tendencies towards OCD behavior (ok,'ll see why I put it this way in a sec) and the way she gets carried away with "harming the baby" are so ME! It's like looking in the mirror, if I were a few shades blonder, a few inches shorter and more than a few pounds lighter! Oh, and preggers...which I am not!

There, I've admitted it -- I am obsessive in nature -- as if my yarn addiction wasn't proof enough :)

Anyway, I apologize Tori, for ever doubting you! I am sure you were heartbroken knowing how I felt before today and now you can be healed knowing that you have a new fan!! :::ggg:::

And the way Dean takes care of her is as sweet as can be! You go guys!

CONGRATS on the birth of your baby boy too ;) I hope you are all adjusting well to one another!!

Added 4/1: I have been reading a lot about Tori today -- like she named the Inn after her Dog Mimi La Rue. It's called Chataeu La Rue -- something else I would have TOTALLY done if I were in the position to name an inn! I can't believe how much we are alike!!!! She also named the baby Liam Aaron -- after her Dad who just passed away recently (who, despite what he did and where he did it, I cannot find a single article about him where ANYONE knocks him! We lost a really good man there folks! Imagine, in HOLLYWOOD, and man that is that well loved and respected? I would have loved to have had the chance to meet him as well) -- something else I would totally do to honor my own Dad's passing! Although I know we are not unique there...

You are going to have to forgive me -- in all my 40 something years, I can't recall another time when I have EVER been star struck! This is totally new for me -- perhaps it is because I see so many things in her that are so like me, and I never imagined that to be the case for whatever reason. For those that have emailed, the show is on the Oxygen! Network. I hope you enjoy it! I am sure you will see many things that you will find very familiar as you watch!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cammo hat...for the baby!

Ok, so this is really more as a ha ha. The baby's grandfather, my friend David is an avid hunter -- and he eats everything he hunts, so I am sorta ok with it as long ask I don't have to see it...I guess....anyway.

So when I found this yarn in my stash, I just had to make a hat for baby Hayden. It's soooo cute in real life. This photo does nothing at all for it, but you'll just have to trust me here.

Pictures are still crappy -- but I am working on it!

I know they still suck, but I am working on it! I have been reading all that I can find on how to take a good photo and hopefully soon I will be posting photos that look better -- but for now we're stuck with what I can turn out! And it's NOT the camera, it's that I suck at photography!

Anyway -- I have been working on a baby a few baby things for our neighbor's new great grandson. I can't wait to meet him!! But here's what I have finished so far:

They really are much cuter in person than they look here -- and they also are in need of blocking. Hopefully I will get a chance to snap a few more pictures after I block them and before the baby gets them -- but you get the idea anyway.

I hope they are still going to fit him! They say he is growing like a weed!! I would like to make a quick pair of booties too -- and if I can find an easy pattern I will -- one that is knit IN THE ROUND! One thing this sweater has taught me is that I HATE SEAMING, and I will avoid it at all costs!!

And I would also LOVE to make him those baby Ugg boots -- but I wonder, are they ok for a boy? I don't think boys wear them when they are older -- but are they ok for a baby? (I don't have kids, can you tell??) I also wonder if there is a pattern out there that has been converted being knit in the round? If anyone has seen one, can you please point me in the direction? Although seaming with chenille yarn wasn't as bad as it was with the wool I used for the sweater -- I have had quite enough, thank you very much! ::gg::


Monday, March 12, 2007

There's A New Editor At Interweave Knits!

I have been a great fan of Eunny and her blog ever since I began my knitting journey a bit over 2 years ago. Not only is she a FANTASTIC knitter -- she also is a GREAT chef -- something that I have also done a time or two (or for about 25 years) in my life!

Things have been VERY quiet over there for quite some time, and today she made the announcement that she's been appointed to this fantastic new position! I am sure that I am not the only one that is THRILLED to death for her -- she's one of the most talented knitters that I have had the pleasure of knowing, AND, she's kind and generous too!! I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us with the magazine!!

CONGRATULATIONS EUNNY!!!! And best of luck to you in your new position!! I know you're going to just love it!!

Here is the link to the PDF file on the Interweave site making the official announcement! Enjoy!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Awwww. POOR Puppy!

Can you believe what some people are willing to do to their poor dogs? If I were to do this to the Bean, she would eat me alive! Poor baby! ::gg:: I guess not everyone likes everything I do either, so if you'd like to make this pattern, you can find it at the Lion Brand site -- you will need a free subscription to see the pattern though.

Now, on to The long awaited WIPs, one FO and my first Zephyr!