Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I think we have another one....

Bwwwhhhaaahhhaaaahhaaa! I think we've captured yet another sock addict folks! I do believe I see a bit of a sock addict blooming in my friend KB, for instance, he says "i'm a little excited over finishing them (he's referring to his socks that are pretty freeking awesome!!!), can you tell? ;-) there is really something about completing a pair of socks... this is my first whole pair i think since i was assassinated in sock wars. i dig it." AND I was not even twisting his arm or anything! This was said totally on his own!! I do believe he's joined me (us) in our addiction to the sock!! YEA KB!! Welcome to the addiction! Now watch as your stash grows to include proportions of sock yarn that you won't ever be able to knit in two lifetimes -- and it will happen even before you know what hit you too!


Is this not the most adorable face you've ever seen??? I believe that people that love animals are special people anyway -- BUT, this dog is deaf as well. KB is an extra, special, special kinda guy! I ♥ you, KB! And your devotion to your animals!! (ok, and the fact that you've come over to the sock side, too !)

And speaking of adorable puppies -- please have a peek at this one on Etsy by Yvonneknits that you can knit for yourself if you want to! Someone on KH ia making one and she said the pattern is brilliantly written too, another plus! I am going to get myself one and give it a go just as soon as I can knit again!

Adorable too, no?

And in your honor KB, KA out!


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