Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Booze Test - I passed:)

Contrary to popular belief -- all those years as a bartender didn't ruin my mind! I remember about booze just fine, thank you very much! ::gg:: Too bad I am not permitted to partake any longer :( Or -- maybe it's a good thing -- the hangovers I can do without!!


Please don't forget about Phoebe!! Please do what you can for her :) I thank you!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

URGENT -- PLEASE, PLEASE Help if you can!!

I am too upset to even think right now -- but you ALL know how I feel about my pets and hope that anyone that can afford to help -- will! ANYTHING you can afford -- PLEASE??

See this link to Scout's page for a great post about Phoebe....and she's also offering some swag for anyone that can help!


And please, pray for the recovery of them both.....And that they find whomever did this and hang them by their private parts. A$$holes.


And the very. very best to all of you in 2008!