Saturday, August 25, 2007

Trade Items for Marina

Here you go ;) Thought this would be better than sending them in the email! If you click on the pics, it will open them up and make them look even crappier er, bigger....Sorry -- we're all gone, except for the Sea Silk and Rare Gems which are going to stay! Thanks, everyone!

1- STR -- Mustang Sally -- this color leans _much_ more towards the red side than it looks like it does on their website IMHO. I think it looks more of a pinkish-mauve on the site.....

2- STR (Special Colorway (Rare Gem) that I don't think will ever be repeated -- it was a special color for the STR Club Members as Christmas Gift. I am not completely sure I want to part with it -- but if you really must have it we can talk :) ok?)

3- Handpainted Opal Sommernachtstraum Partie 4

4- Cherry Tree Hill Merino

5- Fleece Artists Merino

6- Don't know if you're interested in this or not but this & 7 are the special 150g skeins of Sea Silk from Fleece Artists had available for a while last fall

7 - Sea Silk in Special 150g Skeins

8- Lana Grossa Cotton Maya 7012 Cotton Maya 4ply 100g 45 Cotton 42 Virgin Wool and 13 Polyamid

9- Regia Surprise 100g

10- Same Brand as 9 Different Color (duh! )

11- Opal 100g

12- Opal Cotton 100g 48 cotton 39 wool 13 polyamid

13- Lana Grossa Cotton 45 cotton 42 wool 13 polyamid

14- Trekking XXL (Pink one)