Friday, March 02, 2007

When it rains....

Wrackin', frackin', sackin'......and those aren't the first words that come to mind either -- but since I am trying to keep it clean here -- it's what I will write...

Just got word that the DH's place of business will be closing and he will be out of a job in 60 days. If it lasts that long.

I don't know what we are going to do....Last time this happened, I was not as sick as I am now and I didn't require all the medication that I do now. I don't know how we will survive not only without an income, but without health insurance. We're toast. And I thought I was depressed yesterday. HA! That was nothing compared to what I feel today. Complete desperation is the only way to describe it. I cannot live without my medication, but there is no way we can afford to pay for it, even WITH a job, it's not possible to pay for it.....Maybe I should go rob a bank and get caught, intentionally. At least my medical care will be paid for that way! Wonder if they allow you knit in prison if you're not Martha freekin' Stewart?

Can anyone that happens to read this that happens to pray, please add a few for us? We can sure use all that we can get. And not to be greedy, but I will take all the good thoughts I can get too. I am going to need them.

I don't have it in my to post any knitting...and may not be doing any for some time either...but I will try, I am sure it will calm be down if my hands stop shaking for long enough to grasp the needles..

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So depressed...

I am still sick, and it's really starting to get to me. It's not bad enough that I always feel like I was hit like a bus with chronic pain, but add to that this flu that just will not go away and all I want to do is sleep! I am finding it harder and harder just to get out of bed. It's been almost a whole month - this is enough now! I want to get back to what is normal for me already!!

Knitting is suffering as well. When you spend 99% of the day asleep, you don't get much knitting done! Here is where things stand on the Rainbow Sock...and I must say if I didn't love the way the colors were working on this sock, I would not even have this much done...but it's still pretty damn sad! Aren't the colors gorgeous though?

I was gifted some gorgeous Malabrigo today in a gorgeous blue color -- but I sure wish I could find some of the great colors that Cashmere Blend finds. Look at the scarf he posted today, OMG, gorgeous! And the hats are too, especially the self designed one. Wonder if that will be offered for sale -- maybe I need to go ask, eh?

Sunday, February 25, 2007


This is astonishing to me -- that in a time where almost EVERYONE you speak to, from the 3 year old in the grocery store to your 97 year old grandmother -- is at least semi-literate in computer-ease, and knows that this crap can find its way on to your computer without you ever having to "search it out" -- that there is a court in this country that is actually thinking about putting Julie Amero in prison for 40 years for a pornographic pop-up ad that appeared on her monitor during a class.

Are you freekin' kidding me? How in the world can this be happening to this poor woman!?

There are things you can do to help if you'd like (more on that towards the end) -- but if you would just like to read more you can do so here, here, here, and here.

Admittedly, I have not read ALL the articles about this case yet -- but it looks to me so far that this woman is getting a bum rap! Sounds like there are a bunch of computer illiterate people sitting on the jury here! There is another great piece here by Nancy Willard, M.S., J.D.

You can also use the power of e-mail. The State's Attorney responsible for supervision of David Smith, the prosecutor in the Amero case, is Michael L. Regan. You might want to write him and strongly urge he help Smith file a motion to vacate the conviction. An e-mail to the Chief State's Attorneys of Connecticut Kevin T. Kane and Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell can't hurt, either. If you write, however tempting, try not to go on a rant. Use your computing expertise -- and a civil argument -- and you'll likely get better results. (I hope it was ok that I borrowed this paragraph from Steve Bass's site, (Steve, if you by any strange chance happen to see this and have a problem with my using this, please let me know and I will remove it immediately).

Julie, if you happen to come across this site, I wish you all the luck in the world! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that the powers that be come to their senses and realize that this WAS NOT YOUR FAULT and come sentencing day you are set free -- where you belong!!!

Malabrigo Swatch & Super 10 Cotton

I am so in love with this swatch, I may not even frog it! I just may continue to knit and make it in to a scarf ::gg:: This Malabrigo is the softest, most lush yarn I think I have ever touched! I have some cashmere that isn't even this soft! Don't know how they do it for this price, but I think this may just be my :NEW: favorite yarn, sorry Cashmerimo -- you are now second....

This yarn is something that is for sale now on the Destash site (scroll down) -- it may not still be there by the time you go to check for it, but I just had to share this gorgeous WIP with you, and tell you if you're interested, she has not frogged it yet and you may be able to get her to send it to you as pictured (sure wish I had the skills to continue that project! It is so pretty!!!) so you can finish it! And at a bargain price too! Check it out.....