Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So depressed...

I am still sick, and it's really starting to get to me. It's not bad enough that I always feel like I was hit like a bus with chronic pain, but add to that this flu that just will not go away and all I want to do is sleep! I am finding it harder and harder just to get out of bed. It's been almost a whole month - this is enough now! I want to get back to what is normal for me already!!

Knitting is suffering as well. When you spend 99% of the day asleep, you don't get much knitting done! Here is where things stand on the Rainbow Sock...and I must say if I didn't love the way the colors were working on this sock, I would not even have this much done...but it's still pretty damn sad! Aren't the colors gorgeous though?

I was gifted some gorgeous Malabrigo today in a gorgeous blue color -- but I sure wish I could find some of the great colors that Cashmere Blend finds. Look at the scarf he posted today, OMG, gorgeous! And the hats are too, especially the self designed one. Wonder if that will be offered for sale -- maybe I need to go ask, eh?


dickie said...

hi! thanks for the comments.
my LYS actually doesn't sell Malabrigo. i end up driving out over an hour to other yarn stores to get my hands on some. i'm not sure if they ship though. i'll let you know if i find out.

the hat still needs some tweaking, but, once i get it perfect i'd be happy to share the pattern with you for free! =)

hope you feel better soon!

Knitting Addict said...

Awww, thanks so much! I sure appreciate it, Cashmere! I am feeling much better today, and this message sure helps too ::gg:: thanks!

Can't wait to see that pattern. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that hat!! I don't know, you and Nikki are such talented designers, and you're both even newer at knitting than I am! Wish I could catch the design bug!! GREAT job!!!