Saturday, April 21, 2007

Still trying to be good...

But it's getting harder and harder, since not doing all these things doesn't seem to be helping the pain AT ALL! I have been so good too! I have not knit one stitch, and I have been trying my best not to type much too -- and have not been using my injured arm for browsing AT's' amazing how uncoordinated I am with my right hand on the mouse ::GGG:: it's like I am brand new to computers!

It's pretty funny :) When we first got in to computers, we didn't know there were such things as extensions for mouse cords, and where we had our computer set up, we didn't have a place to put the mouse so that we could easily use the mouse with our right hands without standing on our heads with one hand behind our backs ::gg:: -- so we both got used to using our left hands on the mouse -- it really didn't matter though -- we were both so spastic with it that there was no difference which hand we were using, we REALLY needed to practice, practice, practice -- but once we moved out of the apartment and in to our house, and got the computer room set up -- we said, great! We can now use the mouse with our right hand like we're supposed to -- HA!

Wrong! Despite many, many months of trying -- neither of us ever did get comfortable with using the mouse with our right hands -- which is even more strange for DH than for myself, considering I do write with my left hand (that is the only thing I do left handed though -- the nuns and their rulers to the knuckles trick could not break me of writing with the left hand no matter how hard they tried -- they broke me of everything else -- but I could never write with my right hand no matter how bloody they got -- what the HELL was wrong with my parents letting them do that to me anyway??!!) but we are still south paw mousers :)

Wow, how the heck did that get so long? I just came to give a short update and I can't believe how much I just wrote :) Anyway -- I wanted to show you all this adorable bunny that Yvonne has available for free!! She's amazing!! I am so going to get this when I can knit again -- and the puppy from the last post too -- all of her things are just so cute -- and supposed to be very easy to follow patterns too, which is a total plus for me, since I have a serious problem following patterns. If I can't memorize it, I have problems!

Here is Honey Bunny's portrait isn't she just the cutest? I wish I had a baby niece or nephew to knit for! The kids (my own niece and nephew) have grown up so quickly -- they are already 12 and 16!!! Gosh, it was just yesterday they are BORN :( Time sure does fly....Anyway, please check out Yvonne's patterns! I LOVE being able to shop from these talented people @ Etsy! And when they are as nice as Yvonne is (I have spoken with her a couple of times, and she even offered to give me support with the FREE pattern if I needed it! Now, I ask you where do you find people like this??) She's AWESOME and I think she deserves the business!

I got a couple of beautiful things in the mail lately -- if I can snap a decent picture -- I will post them later this evening if my brother brings back the camera while the sun is still out!

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