Sunday, May 20, 2007

New (for me) Music!

Laura Jansen, you can visit her myspace site here but unfortunately the song that I fell in love with isn't currently on that site. :( This song is entitled "Perfect".

I am not sure what happened to the song from the site that I had linked above that had an audio clip, but if I ever find it again I will link it.



OfTroy said...

thanks for visiting my blog, (and i love the image of the yarn egg.
did you really throw out yarn just because it was tangled?

if you still have it, lets swap--you can have a double knit potholder for 1 skein of yarn.

(i am a master at untangling!)
i have an email link on my blog (to my gmail account) just send me an email if you want to trade!

~~Knitting Addict~~ said...
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~~Knitting Addict~~ said...

Well, to be honest, *and this should be added to my list* I am way too cheap to do that :) Especially with hand-dyed (striped no less, which is even more expensive!) merino like that :) I would have cut my arm off before I threw it away, actually -- and I am only half kidding.

I cast on a for new sock with it still partially tangley....and if I can't work it out when I get to the tangled bits -- I will just cut and paste so to speak!

Thanks so much for the offer though -- those cloths are faboo!! AND, after more reading, I see we're neighbors, especially cyber- speaking. I am in the Hudson Valley!

Soooooo. Howdy, neighbor!!