Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yup -- that sure did suck!

But I am home now, THANK GOODNESS!

Those of you that I owe things to, I will be contacting you tomorrow, when I am (hopefully) bit less stressed/tried and I can handle the ummm 2603 emails I have gotten ::YIKES!:: since I've been gone -- of course some of them are Spam, but a good portion of them are actually GOOD! Can you imagine? OY! No wonder I feel like I do nothing but read/sort email sometimes :) Didn't get home until late and wasn't even sure I was going to get here even TODAY or not, it wasn't looking good for a while there, until the water works started and they decided to spring me tonight and not make me wait 'till morning. Bastards. That's a whole 'nuther story that I don't even want to get in to though TYVM!

I have MISSED you all!!! Sorry to have kept those of you waiting for things waiting so long, but it could not be helped :( I will jump on things tomorrow and thank you for being so patient ;)

Love and hugs all around!!!


yarnsnob said...

i was wondering what happened to you slug!!! Has she disappeared off the face of the earth?? LOL
Glad you're answer them emails woman!!!

KBlicious said...

ok i missed this post, cancel the did you get my e-mail note and take your time! glad you're back!!!!