Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Awwww. POOR Puppy!

Can you believe what some people are willing to do to their poor dogs? If I were to do this to the Bean, she would eat me alive! Poor baby! ::gg:: I guess not everyone likes everything I do either, so if you'd like to make this pattern, you can find it at the Lion Brand site -- you will need a free subscription to see the pattern though.

Now, on to The long awaited WIPs, one FO and my first Zephyr!


Nikki said...

Oh, why did they do that to the poor doggy? He looks like he's actually frowning!

Congrats on the cute little socky!

sebskins said...

that is so cruel to put an animal in a thing like that. I think he feels sorry for himself, poor thing.

Great socks tho :)