Sunday, March 04, 2007

A new day....

I am feeling better about the whole job thing -- and I think the ole DH is too. He sure seems to be happier than he has been in a very long time anyway?! I know he hated it there -- maybe it's just what we needed? I don't know -- but lets hope this will be a GOOD thing, rather than a bad thing. I just hope we don't have to be long without insurance -- that will be a very bad thing for sure!

I have been a knitting fool! I've turned the heel on two socks, started a third, gotten about 1/2 done with a leg warmer for my Grandmother -- that would have been finished had I not had to frog it after about 10" were done when I realized it was about 4" too big for her skinny little Helwig legs! I sure don't take after THAT side of the family! I have linebacker legs ;) But they are easier to hide than the huge middle and breasts that they were given too, so I am not really complaining!

I am also about to start on a sweater for Cody's new baby. Or maybe I will just do the easy thing and go with booties and a hat -- since I have never done a sweater, I figure a baby one would be a great way to begin though, so we'll see if I can find a pattern that I think I will be able to follow. I will first try to find a washable yarn in the stash....that is HUGE, so that should not be a problem, and then continue the quest for the pattern -- since there are so many that call for different weight yarns, I would rather match the yarn to a pattern than the other way around.

That's it for now. Pics to come tomorrow, don't feel like dragging the camera out @ 3:30 AM -- besides, I really want to try to start taking better photos, and they say you need daylight for that, something not very abundant at this time of the morning ;)

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