Thursday, December 06, 2007

Update -- Guess it's good I wasn't there :)

First, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the all the thoughts and prayers! No one can tell me the power of positive thoughts and prayers do not help when a person asks for them!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!

I am 110% sure that they are why my Grandmother is still able to be at home WITHOUT, yes I said WITHOUT another broken hip -- thankfully!! We were all so sure that was what happened when she fell this time as well -- and that when she got up in the morning they would have to call the ambulance for her -- but being the trooper that she is -- she got herself right out of that bed (well, with help, of course, she IS still recovering from her right hip being broken and she is not a spring chicken!) -- she is bruised and sore -- but thankfully nothing is broken :)

If I was there, that poor woman would have been in the hospital again -- and for nothing too! And she feels the same way that I do about them, she HATES THEM! So, it's good that I am not able to leave the house in this instance I guess -- because if I could I would surely be there with her and giving my Mother a break.

More later about the generosity of Knitters from around the world. I didn't expect this post to get this long, and the post that I want to post deserves it's own space too :)

Happy Holidays to all!


Grace Yaskovic said...

glad to hear things are moving along smoothly thanks for the update

YarnSnob said...

hope she's making good progress, your grandmother is a figher :)

royalempress said...

Hospitals are drab and depressing but I'm glad they are around. I'm also glad to hear she's doing ok. He's good all the time ;)

BTW: You've been tagged.