Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pictures are still crappy -- but I am working on it!

I know they still suck, but I am working on it! I have been reading all that I can find on how to take a good photo and hopefully soon I will be posting photos that look better -- but for now we're stuck with what I can turn out! And it's NOT the camera, it's that I suck at photography!

Anyway -- I have been working on a baby a few baby things for our neighbor's new great grandson. I can't wait to meet him!! But here's what I have finished so far:

They really are much cuter in person than they look here -- and they also are in need of blocking. Hopefully I will get a chance to snap a few more pictures after I block them and before the baby gets them -- but you get the idea anyway.

I hope they are still going to fit him! They say he is growing like a weed!! I would like to make a quick pair of booties too -- and if I can find an easy pattern I will -- one that is knit IN THE ROUND! One thing this sweater has taught me is that I HATE SEAMING, and I will avoid it at all costs!!

And I would also LOVE to make him those baby Ugg boots -- but I wonder, are they ok for a boy? I don't think boys wear them when they are older -- but are they ok for a baby? (I don't have kids, can you tell??) I also wonder if there is a pattern out there that has been converted being knit in the round? If anyone has seen one, can you please point me in the direction? Although seaming with chenille yarn wasn't as bad as it was with the wool I used for the sweater -- I have had quite enough, thank you very much! ::gg::


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sebskins said...

aw..they are SSSOOOOO cute, the little jacket is like a little kimono!! Love the pom pom.

My pics arent that great either :(