Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tori and Dean Inn Love!

Ok, so I admit it. I have never been a fan of Tori Spelling. I guess I didn't have a reason, just thought of her as a spoiled, rich brat born with a silver spoon in her mouth and I don't have much use for those types.

HOWEVER. There is NOTHING on TV today and I happened to be flipping through the channels and came upon this show. I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised -- she is SOOOOOO NOT what I thought she was. She is either a FANTASTIC actress, or she's actually a truly nice person. Either way, I was WAY wrong!

There is also something I have to admit -- her tendencies towards OCD behavior (ok,'ll see why I put it this way in a sec) and the way she gets carried away with "harming the baby" are so ME! It's like looking in the mirror, if I were a few shades blonder, a few inches shorter and more than a few pounds lighter! Oh, and preggers...which I am not!

There, I've admitted it -- I am obsessive in nature -- as if my yarn addiction wasn't proof enough :)

Anyway, I apologize Tori, for ever doubting you! I am sure you were heartbroken knowing how I felt before today and now you can be healed knowing that you have a new fan!! :::ggg:::

And the way Dean takes care of her is as sweet as can be! You go guys!

CONGRATS on the birth of your baby boy too ;) I hope you are all adjusting well to one another!!

Added 4/1: I have been reading a lot about Tori today -- like she named the Inn after her Dog Mimi La Rue. It's called Chataeu La Rue -- something else I would have TOTALLY done if I were in the position to name an inn! I can't believe how much we are alike!!!! She also named the baby Liam Aaron -- after her Dad who just passed away recently (who, despite what he did and where he did it, I cannot find a single article about him where ANYONE knocks him! We lost a really good man there folks! Imagine, in HOLLYWOOD, and man that is that well loved and respected? I would have loved to have had the chance to meet him as well) -- something else I would totally do to honor my own Dad's passing! Although I know we are not unique there...

You are going to have to forgive me -- in all my 40 something years, I can't recall another time when I have EVER been star struck! This is totally new for me -- perhaps it is because I see so many things in her that are so like me, and I never imagined that to be the case for whatever reason. For those that have emailed, the show is on the Oxygen! Network. I hope you enjoy it! I am sure you will see many things that you will find very familiar as you watch!!


Anonymous said...

tori & dean r both lovely people-i'm real happy u said all this. check out their myspace if u like: to read tori's blog entries =)

ur blog made my day

Knitting Addict said...
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Knitting Addict said...

They really do seem to be people I would love to hang around with! If I ever get the opportunity to travel, I will be sure to try to get reservations at the Inn -- I cannot believe she named it after her DOG!! SOOOOO something I would do!!

I tell you, we could have been separated at birth :) I kid you not!

Glad I could make you smile! Going to check your blog now!