Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I can't believe it's over....Evel DICK WINS

For the past three months -- Showtime has been a very big part of my life for three hours each and every night!

Big Brother 8 has been on Showtime 2 and for those of you that don't know -- last night it ended, I knew I was going to miss it -- BUT -- it's only the first night and it's BAD! The addiction was DEEP.

I could not be happier with the outcome -- I was THRILLED that D&D smoked all the others -- and that they seemed to be on the right track to healing their relationship. Coming from someone that has lost their own father -- I would give every single I own to have one more day with him, so for Dani to not want to give her Father the time of day breaks my heart....So, I think the last week in the house may have cemented what the past three months have started.

(And just so that I don't get any more freaking out phone calls from any one -- No, I don't agree 100% with ED's way of playing the game (he's a WHOLE lot like my own father was, actually! And I didn't exactly love it when I was on the receiving end of the yell-fests AT ALL) but with ED it was strategy and he NEVER directed it at Dani....THAT is one thing that you have to give him. Never ONCE did he yell or even raise his voice at her....and there were a couple of times where she really needed to hear it too, IMHO (sorry, but it's true!) So, I just mean that I totally respect his game, and I have a feeling that although what Daniele says is true, I don't think that the everyday ED is quite as in-your-face as the BB ED was. Got it? Good.)

Oh, and ED should you ever happen to drop by here -- CONGRATULATIONS!! Have a BLAST on your trip!! And Dani, I hope that you and Nick have a great time together! I almost didn't recognize him, no facial hair -- it was SHOCKING!! (he's still a huge hunk though -- you've got awesome taste girl!) One quick thing, if I may. Please watch out for that one that cries all the time, OK? ::shiver:: And as long as I am on a roll here -- Vincent is adorable too, guess it must be something in the genes!

Now, on to your Mother ED -- I don't think that she could have been any more proud! She was BEAMING when Julie asked her about your and Dani's reconciliation she lit up like she had just won the 500 grand. She's a doll! I hope Jameka had the good sense to apologize to her. What she said was just awful!

Ok, this has taken up a few minutes, what am I going to do for the rest of the three hours? I MISS BIG BROTHER 8 ALREADY!!!!!!

I think I will go cry for a while.......just kidding -- I am not that bad...but it's close -- As Daniele would say, I need to get a life. Right Dani?

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