Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Whew. I think I might be back!


This "thing" kicked my butt though! Still have a fever, but I am feeling a bit more like a human being today than I have for days. AND, I can sit up today too! Quite an accomplishment!

I started knitting the yarn from Cindy today, MAN is that stuff nice!!! So soft and squishy!! I can't wait to finish it and get it around my neck to see if it's really as soft as I think it is. It will be the first thing I have made for myself (if I keep it that is!!) since I started knitting, I think it's time. I will try to snap a picture later of the few stitches I've got so far!

In other news, we FINALLY got some snow today! First storm of the season! I think this is the latest it's EVER been for us to have gotten any snow!! Upstate has 153" and counting -- JUST IN THE PAST WEEK!! They don't even normally get that much in the whole SEASON, even with lake effect snow!! It's incredible! Just when Chris decides to move up there, they have a million inches of snow, how lucky for him! And the orangeina hat still isn't done either! Oops!

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