Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Posh Yarn = HEAVEN!

Oh MY! Tell me this isn't heaven!?!?!?!

I met a new friend today who (UNFORTUNATELY, and I say this only because I don't NEED another favorite yarn maker!!) has turned me on to a FABOO new source for some of the most gorgeous (sock) yarn ever created, as you can see by this photo. Thanks a whole lot, Elaine!! (of course, I am just kidding, I LOVE this site!!)

Would you look at those colors? Can you imagine looking down at your feet and seeing this? Ok, perhaps not practical in 100% silk, but I don't care! I can use them as bed slippers! (and she's got some other lovely merino/silk blends that are pretty impressive as well!!)

Oh, to be RICH and able to afford to buy every yarn I fall in love with!

To see more of what this very talented artist have to offer, please visit Posh Yarns in the UK - Can you say YUMMY!

You can file this one under lavish sock yarn I must have (smile)

I also just got an order of a Cashmere/Merino blend that I cannot wait to open (can't do it until I find some room though) I also I promised myself that I would finish this hat first, since Chris leaves on Saturday and I know I will have to cast on that Cashmere the minute I open the box!

I have a feeling there will be another message much like this one being posted next...if the yarn looks ANYTHING like it did in the auction pics that is!

That's it for now. Two posts in two days is more than I can handle! I just didn't want to lose this link, and this is the only place that I can be sure that I will be able to find things lately. Too bad I can't store yarn here too.....

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sebskins said...

This is one of my favourite shops for sock yarn and manay other yarns. I just LUURVE this site, her colours, her yarns and I am so happy you feel the same about it too.
I always drool over my keyboard when I log into PY lol