Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Boring knits!

But at least I am knitting! Depression has been the word of too many days -- at least I can add knit to this day :) I am working on a BORING st st with ribbing BRIGHT orange hunting hat for my bro. The one that made it possible for me to upgrade to this spiffy new version of blogger (by selling me his "old" (only about 2 years!!! Mine was TEN!!!) laptop.) And for a steal too! I owe him :) Thanks, Chris! LOVE the updated, MUCH easier to use blogger! Requires much less brainage! (yes, I do know that isn't a real word, but this is my blog, and I am not in school any more, so I don't care!)

He will be moving upstate soon, where it gets much colder than here, so he will need it. Hopefully, he will come home with a girlfriend too, he needs not to be alone anymore. Just hope this time he picks someone with HALF a brain! PLEASE! I will settle for half!! Stupid just won't cut it anymore.

That's all I can manage for now. More when I am able to drag my arse back here....

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