Monday, January 29, 2007

Malabrigo....From Cindy!!

Pictures don't even begin to do this color justice. I fell in love the moment I saw this for sale on KH and just had to have it! It's a color I have never seen for sale at any retailer before, and in person, it has a bit of green in it as well that you can just barely see if you look really closely at the bottom of the skeins towards the right hand sides.

I am looking for a pattern for some sort of cowl collar or something that is close to your neck...I am not even sure exactly what I want, really! I just wish there was enough for a whole sweater! This stuff is sooooo soft and yummy!

Thanks, Cindy! For the great deal, and the score on a color I've never seen before! I hope you don't mind I lifted your photo, since it's about 10000000 times better than anything I could have done here!

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