Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ellen = Love

You know, the more I watch her show...the more I love that woman! She's not only funny, she is one of the most kind hearted people on TV!

She just spoke with a young man that is going to join the armed forces (can't remeber the branch, sorry Michael!) and the conversation was heartwarming! You could just hear how thrilled this kid was to be speaking with her -- and she invited him to the show and said she would dance with him when they were there (one of his dreams).

How many celebrities do you know that would do that for someone?? She's an amazing woman!

Speaking of amazing women, my old boss and amazing friend Renee, who I have not spoken with for at least 25 years, contacted my mother today looking for me! It will be GREAT to be able to speak with her again. I can't wait until tomorrow! We touched base briefly via email, but there is nothing like a long heart to heart to make up for lost time!

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