Monday, March 10, 2008

On frogging....

I HATE having to frog things -- and I am in a place where I think there are THREE things that I have to rip :( I am not a happy camper!

The Wollmeise sock (below) isn't pooling like it's supposed to -- and Claudia said the only way to fix it would be to rip it out and begin again....I don't know what changes I have to make just yet -- but I am not happy! I am significantly farther ahead than I was in the photo below and I hate to even rip a couple of rows -- but less over 1/2 a stupid sock.....

Then, there's the Morning Surf Scarf that I'm attempting to do in STR Pirate's Booty that is also significantly further along than in the photo -- but I am just not feeling it....And I don't know why!? I LOVE the pattern -- but for some reason, the yarn isn't making me very happy in this project :(

The third pond project is one that I've been working on for a whole year -- endless ribbing on a leg warmer for my grandmother -- but it's just not looking the way I think it should -- I think will start again and make it stockinette stitch with just a bit of ribbing on the top and bottom...this ribbing is KILLING me, so I think that will greatly improve the time I spend on this project. I would rather be bored knitting ST ST than doing ribbing any day!

So, with all these things being ripped off the needles -- which one am I going to start on first?

Why, something TOTALLY new, of course! Like the good little (UN-medicated thanks to my insurance company's asinine decision NOT to cover my medication) ADHD knitter I am :-P~ Sure hope we can find a replacement they will cover that will work as well!

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Grace Yaskovic said...

the morning surf scarf is really a fun knit!!