Sunday, October 15, 2006

Best invention since DPN's!!!

FOUND HER! These things are the greatest invention since DPN's -- Call me old fashioned, I do enjoy 12" circs. for the boring stuff, but there is nothing better for gussets and shaping than DPN's IMHO and since I don't care much for switching needles -- I just usually use them all the time....

Which brings me to The Needle Keeper!

Needle Keepers are THE greatest things I've seen EVER!! Marilyn is a genius :) Check her out, and no, I do not own stock in the company...just a very, very happy customer!! Hurry, before she sells out, again ;)


Nikki said...

Those do seem cool. I saw them before and was like "i'm not going to pay for that, i can just make it or figure out something else". But since I haven't made it or figured out something in the several months since I saw them, it might be time to just go ahead and order.

Sharon Rose said...

Brilliant! I mirror Nikki's original thoughts exactly, but realistically I will probably mirror her final actions as well. :)